Handmade Paper Pinwheel Gift Tags

  This is a neat tutorial by Stephanie Lynn that explains how to make handmade paper pinwheel gift tags. She includes printable pinwheel messages for the center of the gift tag. Very creative! Click on the Handmade Paper Pinwheel Gift Tags link below for the complete recipe. Handmade Paper Pinwheel Gift Tags

10 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes

  This article provides links to 10 different soap making tutorials. There’s a nice variety of soaps and techniques. Here are the soap tutorials you’ll find: How to Make Pure Coconut Oil Soap How to Make Herby Citrus Soap How to Make Shampoo Bar Soap How to Make Chai Latte Soap How to Make Loofah […]

How to Make Natural Food Dyes

If you want to create and use natural food dyes, this is a Must-Read article.  Kresha explains which foods can be used to produce 10 different colors.  You can use natural food dyes to color frosting, homemade play dough, cupcakes, pasta, shortbread and more.  Kresha also shares one recipe she made  that used natural food […]

12 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes

I wanted to shared this post by Natural Living Ideas because it gives you links to 12 different homemade soap recipes.  What great variety!  There are so many advantages to making soap at home.  You control all of the ingredients which is much healthier .  You can create scents and shapes that you like.  You […]

How to Build a Compost Bin Tutorial…Kinda

D This is a really good article that shows the basics of how to build a wooden 3-bin compost bin. The “Kinda” is because it’s not a complete, step-by-step tutorial. You won’t get exact dimensions. But you will get some great ideas on how to build a pretty neat compost bin for yourself. There are […]

18 Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas

Does your bathroom often look messy and disorganized? Bathrooms can be nice and clean but still have that cluttered look. This article shares 18 different ways to organize a part of your bathroom. Mason jars, baskets, storage shelves, towel storage… there are a lot of interesting ideas and tutorials here. Click the 18 Genius Bathroom […]

Top 50 DIY Jewelry Tutorials

We  just had to feature this article on the Crafts Unleashed website. They have assembled the top 50 DIY jewelry tutorials they have shared in the past. So many of these jewelry projects are so beautiful! If you see a design that you like, just click on the picture and you’ll be brought to a […]

100 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

This article by Kristin is the Motherlode of DIY wall art. There are 100 different tutorials that will let you jazz up the blank walls and spaces in your home. These are her 100 favorite ideas. The tutorials are very thorough. One important thing to me was that you didn’t have to be especially crafty […]

How to Make a Storm Glass to Predict the Weather(Tutorial)

A storm glass is an 18th century  weather forecasting device that uses a sealed jar filled with liquid. This tutorial uses alcohol and some chemicals for the liquid. After making the storm glass, you place it outside on a window ledge or someplace where you can see it. As the temperature changes, the crystals will […]

5 Uses for Wood Pallets in the Home

Here is some inspiration for pallet furniture lovers:  a coffee table, kid’s bed, office desk, sofa and ottoman – all made with pallets. We agree with the comments at the end of this article that the coffee table and ottoman are the best ideas.  The kid’s bed is a bit creepy.  But this article is […]