10 Fuss-Free NASA-Recommended Plants that Clean the Air

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Fuss-Free Plants that Clean the Air


Adding plants to your home can have so many beneficial effects. But one of the best benefits is that plants help to clean the air! In this article, Daria shares a list of NASA-approved plants that filter out toxic chemicals from the air like benzene. Toxins can enter homes in a variety of different ways — sprays, plastics, furniture, just to name a few. So while you may think the air in your home is toxin-free, it very well may not be.


Daria also reveals how many houseplants NASA recommends for an 1800 square foot house. Best of all, she shares 10 plants that both clean the air and are tough to kill.  Click the 10 Fuss-Free Plants that Clean the Air link below to read the article.

10 Fuss-Free Plants that Clean the Air

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