20 Fall Crafts for Kids

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20 Fall Crafts for Kids


Arts and crafts can have such a positive effect on kids. It allows them to make things that express their own unique creativity. Successfully making an art work or a craft can also increase the confidence of kids. It can help with shape and color recognition for the little ones. It can also help older kids with organizational skills and eye-hand coordination.

Erin has assembled 20 different Fall crafts for kids. If you see a craft you like, just click on the link and you’ll see the complete tutorial.

One of my favorites is the Thankful Fingerprint Tree. About halfway down the page you’ll see a printable template for the tree. Print it off. Then your little ones can press their fingers into finger paint and create different colored fingerprint leaves.

I also liked the Leaf Peepers, wind chimes and a lot of the banners.

Creating memories is one of the wonderful parts of having kids. I can guarantee if you spend some time with your kids working on any one of these projects, you’ll create some warm and happy memories with your children.

To see all 20 crafts, click on the 20 Fall Crafts for Kids link below:

20 Fall Crafts for Kids

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