5 Healing Homemade Soap Recipes

5 Healing Homemade Soap Recipes


This article shares 5 homemade soap recipes that include healing properties. Most of these soaps use a glycerin soap base and follow the melt and pour technique. This is an easy soap making process and avoids dealing with lye.

There’s a nice variety of recipes here. You’ll find tutorials for:

  • Easy Antiseptic Soap – Fend off harmful bacteria
  • Pregnancy Ginger Soap – Relieves Stress and Nausea
  • De-Stressing Rosemary Lavender Soap
  • Gentle Plantain Soap – Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin
  • Skin Softening Aloe Vera Soap – Moisturizing, Skin-Softening Soap

Click on the 5 Healing Homemade Soap Recipes link below to see all 5 soap recipes.

5 Healing Homemade Soap Recipes


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