50+ Creative Pegboard DIY Ideas

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50+ Creative Pegboard DIY Ideas


Pegboard is usually associated with organizing garages and workshops. In this article, Johnnie shares a lot of creative, alternative uses for pegboard. If you see a project you like, just click on the link for more details and a tutorial. Here are just a few of the projects:

  • DIY Pegboard Headboard
  • Yarn Storage (Love the Look of this use)
  • Pegboard Wall Unit
  • DIY Message Board
  • Pegboard Kitchen Storage (a Winner!)
  • And MORE!!

Note: I only counted 39 pegboard projects, but it’s possible there are multiple projects included as a part of the 39. Frankly, 39 projects is a lot and some of these are FANTASTIC!

Click on the 50+ Creative Pegboard DIY Ideas link below to see all of the great ideas.

50+ Creative Pegboard DIY Ideas

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