Homemade Soap Making Mold

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Homemade Soap Making Mold



I thought that those readers who like soap making or are thinking of trying soap making, would like to see a custom-made soap mold.

This mold was made for Marie by her Dad. It’s made out of smooth plywood. One of the features I like is that the ends are screwed in. When Marie is ready to unmold a soap, all she has to do is unscrew the ends and lift up a log of soap out of the mold. There are also wooden inserts that slide in and out depending on the cutting points that you want. And it has a lid too! I think this is an awesome soap mold!

Click on the Homemade Soap Making Mold link below to see more pictures and information about this homemade soap mold.

Homemade Soap Making Mold

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