How to Make a Storm Glass to Predict the Weather(Tutorial)

How to Make a Storm Glass
A storm glass is an 18th century  weather forecasting device that uses a sealed jar filled with liquid. This tutorial uses alcohol and some chemicals for the liquid. After making the storm glass, you place it outside on a window ledge or someplace where you can see it. As the temperature changes, the crystals will dissolve and solidify on their own.  Supposedly, the higher the crystals rise in the glass tube in winter the colder it will be. It’s really mesmerizing to watch.Here is one definition of what to look for as the solution changes:

  • Clear liquid : Bright weather.
  • Crystals at bottom : Thick air, frost in winter.
  • Dim liquid with small stars : Thunderstorms.
  • Large flakes : Heavy air, overcast sky, snow in winter.
  • Threads in upper portion of liquid : Windy weather.
  • Small dots : Damp weather, fog.
  • Rising flakes which remain high : Wind in the upper air regions.
  • Small stars : In winter on bright, sunny days, snow in one or two days.

To see a video that explains how to make a storm glass, click on the How to Make a Storm Glass link below. It’s really pretty cool.

How to Make a Storm Glass to Predict the Weather (Tutorial)

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