How to Make an Amazing Sawdust Emergency Candle & Heater (Tutorial)

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How to Make a Sawdust Emergency Candle (Tutorial)

This is a preparedness tutorial that explains how to make an emergency candle out of sawdust. It uses just 4 ingredients. After reading the article, this is really not only a candle but an amazing alternate source of heat. It’s also reusable. The author says this type of candle will heat a 9 x 12 room and keep it from freezing for 10 hours. She also plans to experiment with smaller versions that you can cook meals on.

I can see a lot of applications for a heating source like this: emergency heating backup if you lose heat during winter, heating backup for long hikes and camping trips, and a heat source for cooking.

Click on the How to Make an Amazing Sawdust Emergency Candle & Heater  link below to see the complete tutorial.

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How to Make an Amazing Sawdust Emergency Candle & Heater (Tutorial)

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