How to Make Cookie Cutter Candles

How to Make Cookie Cutter Candles

In this tutorial, Sarah demonstrates how to make cute candles by using metal cookie cutters as the molds. She uses candle ends from old candles as the source for the wax.


It’s a simple tutorial and the photographs are quite good. After they’ve cooled and hardened, you can pop the candles out of the cookie cutters. You can also leave them in the cookie cutters for a different look. As Sarah points out, be sure to use an appropriate holder before you burn the candle.

Just a note: Instead of candle ends, you could also buy some beeswax and use that. (I won’t go into it here but there are health and environmental concerns related to paraffin and soy wax. Beeswax is more expensive but it also seems to have beneficial health effects, especially for those who suffer from allergies.)

To see the complete tutorial, click on the How to Make Cookie Cutter Candles link below.


How to Make Cookie Cutter Candles

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