How to Make DIY JELL-O Play Dough

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How to Make DIY JELL-O PlayDough

This is Emily’s(Our Little Coop)  recipe for DIY JELL-O play dough. She made this for her kids and decided to use sugar-free JELL-O for the coloring. The recipe is very simple and the play dough came out great. Another option to try is to replace the Jell-O with food coloring and scent the play dough with essential oils.


Note: Keep the play dough away from dogs and other pets. It has a lot of salt in it can make pets sick if they eat it.

Click on the How to Make DIY JELL-O Play Dough link below to see Emily’s recipe.  Based on the photographs, her kids

How to Make DIY JELL-O Play Dough


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