How to Build an Earth Oven

  I thought this was the neatest project. The article tells the story of  TH, baker and cook, who wanted to build a wood-fired oven in her back yard. She decided to make a traditional earth oven. She and her family first built a brick foundation, and an inner wall made out of Cobb,which is […]

10 Bench Ideas from Beyond the Picket Fence

    I found this article through the Hometalk website. Becky of Beyond the Picket Fence shares 10 different ideas for homemade benches. These are projects that Becky did herself and most have tutorials. If you see a project you like, just click the link and you’ll be brought to the tutorial page. Click on […]

107 Pallet Projects & Ideas

  Wooden pallets are generally easy to find and have been used in some amazing DIY home and garden projects. Pixel Pete has collected 107 different projects that used wooden pallets. Since there aren’t any links to the projects, this article is good for inspiration. Some of the applications are amazing, for example the staircase. […]

97 Things to Make with Cardboard, Egg Cartons & Shoe Boxes

In this article you’ll find 97 different tutorials – things to make for kids with cardboard, egg cartons and shoe boxes.   There are small playhouses, castles, cardboard toys, puppet theaters, cardboard guitars, party hats….the list goes on and on.  Laurie of Tip Junkie has done a great job in finding fun projects. To see all […]

How to Make Fresh Homemade Mint Syrup ~ a Minty Taste Treat

Mint is an easy herb to grow and tends to overtake a garden. For that reason, it’s perfect for a container garden. You can use fresh mint in a lot of different ways. One thing you can make is a fresh mint syrup. You can use the syrup to flavor water, tea, mixed drinks, lemonade […]

5 Healing Homemade Soap Recipes

This article shares 5 homemade soap recipes that include healing properties. Most of these soaps use a glycerin soap base and follow the melt and pour technique. This is an easy soap making process and avoids dealing with lye. There’s a nice variety of recipes here. You’ll find tutorials for: Easy Antiseptic Soap – Fend […]

How to Build a Multifunction Pallet Coffee Table With Storage

I thought this was an incredibly creative coffee table made out of pallets. One side lifts up to reveal substantial storage space on the inside of the table. It folds down for everyday use. Thanks to caster wheels, the table can be easily moved. Dirkdeus includes a materials list and build instructions. Click on the […]

How to Make Natural Dyes With Leftover Fruits and Vegetables

This is a creative and fun idea. Sarah explains how to make natural dyes out of beet skins, onion skins, red cabbage leaves, spinach and orange peels. She shares the different colors that various fruit and veggies produce. Then she includes the step-by-step process of making the different dyes. Finally she explains one additional step […]

Create Your Own Garden Stones Out of Broken Dishes or China

  This is an example of making lemonade out of lemons. Due to an accident, Lisa’s grandmother’s teacups were all broken. Lisa decided to use the broken cups and saucers to make decorative stepping stones around flowers in her new perennial garden. In this article she explains step-by-step how she used garden stone cement and […]

How to Make a Sea Glass Candle

  Sea glass is found on beaches that are along bodies of salt water. The weathering process produces glass that is naturally frosted. Tanya had some sea glass and decide to make a sea glass candle. The sea glass is positioned between two layers of glass. You can put a tea light in the center. […]