Super Neat DIY Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Wooden Coffee Table

I saw this DIY coffee table and really loved it. It has a nice rustic look. It’s made out of cut-to-size 2×4 boards that you can get cut to size when you buy the wood.

This is a well-organized tutorial. There’s a Supplies and Tools list. The tutorial assumed you’re cutting the 2x4s yourself and gives you 3 different lengths. (But you can also use this as your cut list when you buy the wood).

The tutorial explains how to build each layer of the table, use cross beams and notches for horizontal support, insert the legs, sand and seal the wood.

I also like the alternative build method of cutting all of the boards to one size and assembling the table using wood glue.

Click the Super Neat DIY Wooden Coffee Table link below to see this terrific tutorial.

Super Neat DIY Wooden Coffee Table


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