How to Make Homemade Cupcake-Shaped Gift Boxes

  These were so unusual and cute I had to feature them! Jonie explains how to make beautiful, cupcake-shaped gift boxes. You can put a wrapped gift inside. You can also make smaller cupcake boxes and put jewelry inside as a gift. The cupcake boxes are surprisingly easy to make since they use paper mache […]

How to Make Forsythia Soap

    This is an excellent post. Forsythia is a fragrant, spring flowering bush that is bright yellow. It also has antiviral properties. In this article, Jan explains how to make forsythia soap. If you don’t have forsythia blooms in your garden, Jan provides a source where you can buy the flowers. The recipe uses a […]

Super Neat DIY Wooden Coffee Table

I saw this DIY coffee table and really loved it. It has a nice rustic look. It’s made out of cut-to-size 2×4 boards that you can get cut to size when you buy the wood. This is a well-organized tutorial. There’s a Supplies and Tools list. The tutorial assumed you’re cutting the 2x4s yourself and […]

How to Make Sassy Homemade Wine – Apple Wine from Fresh Apples

    This is a recipe for apple wine that does require time to make and time to allow the wine to mature. But it’s well worth the effort. As the author, Stacy, says:   “Making Apple Winefrom fresh apples can be labor-intensive, but the end result has been more than rewarding.  Since Mother Nature […]

How to Make Easy & Cute “Don’t Burst My Bubble” Valentine Crafts

    This is such a cute Valentine’s gift, especially for kids. It’s a small bottle of soap bubbles with a cute tag, charm and Baker’s twine. Love it! Shaunte provides a supply list with links to places where you can buy any supplies you don’t have. There’s a printable PDF for the tag and […]

Handmade Message in a Bottle Valentines

    I think this is a wonderful idea for a gift for Valentine’s Day. It can be a romantic gift for that someone special in your life. Or it can be a sweet gift for your kids. Angie (Crafts Unleashed) explains how to roll up a personal Valentine’s message in a small bottle. Add […]

How to Make Bacon Dog Biscuits

This is Randi’s recipe for homemade bacon dog biscuits. It’s like making a cookie for your dog. The ingredients are all-natural and the recipe is very simple. Randi also includes a link to a bone-shapes cookie cutter. These biscuits are great for your dog or can be made as presents for your friends who have […]

How to Make Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

    These stacked ombre heart candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day. BUT they are also perfect for a special birthday gift, for Mother’s or Father’s Day or any other occasion where you want to tell someone you love them. This is really a pretty easy project. Heidi explains the best way to melt the […]

56 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Winter

Winter can be a real challenge. The cold, snow, and lack of sunlight sometimes makes it hard to live life the way you want to. Don’t despair! In this post, Sarah shares 56 different hacks to help you survive and even enjoy winter! One nice thing is that she divides the hacks into larger categories. […]

DIY Valentine Conversation Heart Banner

Those little conversation hearts really do scream “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  In this crafty post, Vanessa explains how to make a DIY Valentine Heart Banner.They’re easy to make and colorful . I think they’d be great to hang in the kids’ rooms, at the office, or in a home entryway where it’s the first thing you […]

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