How to Build an Earth Oven

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How to Build an Earth Oven

I thought this was the neatest project. The article tells the story of  TH, baker and cook, who wanted to build a wood-fired oven in her back yard. She decided to make a traditional earth oven.

She and her family first built a brick foundation, and an inner wall made out of Cobb,which is a blend of clay, sand and straw. After that they applied a separate layer of sand. Finally, they covered the oven with bricks, also made out of Cobb.

The final oven looks like a brick-covered igloo. This isn’t a complete tutorial but it gives you an idea of how an earth oven should be built. The article also includes references to additional sources on building earth ovens.

Click on the How to Build an Earth Oven link below to read this interesting article.

How to Build an Earth Oven

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