How to Make Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

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Homemade Ombre Heart Candles


O.k. so I really missed the boat by not featuring this project for Valentine’s Day. These stacked ombre heart candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day. BUT they are also perfect for a special birthday gift, for Mother’s or Father’s Day or any other occasion where you want to tell someone you love them.

This is really a pretty easy project. Heidi explains the best way to melt the soy wax, color it red and stamp the individual heart candles. Tabbed candle wicks make it easy to stack the different hearts. In the end you have a beautiful and unique candle. Yes, you can burn the candle like any other candle. Heidi explains why this works. Click on the How to Make Stacked Ombre Heart Candles link below to see the tutorial.

How to Make Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

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