Homemade Soap Making Mold

    I thought that those readers who like soap making or are thinking of trying soap making, would like to see a custom-made soap mold. This mold was made for Marie by her Dad. It’s made out of smooth plywood. One of the features I like is that the ends are screwed in. When […]

How to Transfer an Image Onto Glass

This is a neat DIY tutorial that explains how to transfer a photo to a piece of glass. Nancy supplies step-by-step directions. You can use photos from books or magazines. You can also use a laser printer copy of a family photo. The process is fairly simple and the results are rustic and fantastic. Click […]

How to Make a Spice Rack – Free Plans!

  This is a tutorial for a Spice Rack project that can be attached to a pantry door or a kitchen wall. Whitney and Ashley of Shanty 2 Chic include a link to a complete set of plans on a friend’s site including dimensions, materials and tools, cut list and step by step directions. They […]

37 DIY Decorations to Make Instead of Buy for your Wedding

  Weddings can be very expensive.  However, there are many decorative things that you can make yourself to help reduce some of the cost. It also adds a personal touch to your wedding.  Peggy of Buzzfeed collected 37 things to DIY instead of buy for your wedding.  There are photographs of each project and a […]

13 Amazing Things To Do With Wine Bottles In The Garden

  There are some fun and creative things you can do with recycled wine bottles in the garden. In the past we shared a popular tutorial with you about how to make a hummingbird feeder out of a wine bottle. In this article, there are a variety of projects you can make with wine bottles. […]

How to Make an Easy Pallet Chair

  This is a step-by-step Instructables post that explains how to make an Adirondack chair out of pallet wood. It’s very detailed and includes both a materials list and construction details. Click on the How to Make an Easy Pallet Chair link below to see the chair and diagram. How to Make an Easy Pallet […]

How to Make Mirrored Mercury Glass Mason Jars

    Mason jars are so versatile and can be decorated and used in a million different ways. In this article, Amy shares how she makes mirrored mercury glass mason jars. Go to the middle of the article and play the video “Faux Mercury Glass Mason Jars.” Amy shows how she transforms a Ball mason […]

Hot & Cold Brightening Facial Scrub

  This facial scrub is a total skin experience.  When it gets wet it fizzes.  It’s both warming and cooling.  And it exfoliates so your face is super soft after a scrubbing.!  Marie of Humblebee & Me developed the recipe.  As always, her directions are very clear. Click on the Hot & Cold Brightening Facial Scrub […]

How to Make Homemade Root Beer

  Most commercial root beers are made with artificial favoring.  This is a natural, DIY recipe for root beer.  Katie uses sassafras, wintergreen, molasses, and vanilla  in her recipe, along with other ingredients.  With homemade root beer you end up with a rich blend of wonderful flavors.  It’s so much better than commercial soda. One […]

9 Ways to Create a Garden Path

  A well-designed and well-built path can add to the beauty of your garden, while providing an easier way to maintain your flowers and vegetables. Midwest Living offers 9 different approaches to path design.  For many designs they list the Pros, Cons and Tips. They share 6 different types of material to use for a […]