19 DIY Dog Beds You Can Make at Home

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19 DIY Dog Beds You Can Make at Home


There are so many different ideas for dog beds in this article by Lisa. Some are very elaborate and others look pretty simple to make. I like the beds made from an end table, a child’s bed and the mousehole. I have a cousin who has a beagle that’s terrified of thunderstorms. I think Coco would really like the Mousehole bed with a curtain you could close.

The walk-up bed is pretty amazing. The link for that one is dead, but the picture itself is pretty inspirational. Fantastic article! By the way, I think the kitties in your life would also like many of these beds. 🙂

Click on the 19 DIY Dog Beds You Can Make at Home link below to see all 19 DIY dog beds.

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19 DIY Dog Beds You Can Make at Home

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