20+ Marvelous Homemade Wind Chimes

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20+ Marvelous Homemade Wind Chimes


I think we’ve had wind chimes in every home we’ve ever had.  There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outside, listening to the wind in the tress, and the melodic music of the wind chime. The wonderful thing about DIY wind chimes is you can make them out of almost anything.

Christine of The DIY Dreamer has collected 20 different marvelous wind chimes.  She has pictures of 12 of them.  She also has a description of all 20 and a link to each one, where you can learn more about the individual wind chimes.  Most have tutorials.

Two of my favorites are the wind chime/ sun catcher with homemade stars and the flower pot wind chimes.  Both are great projects for kids.  But honestly I love all of these wind chime projects. Click on the 20+ Marvelous Homemade Wind Chimes link below to see the complete article.

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20+ Marvelous Wind Chimes

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