27 Chilly Ice Craft Ideas


27 Chilly Ice Craft ideas


This is such a fantastic article! Did you ever think of making Christmas wreaths out of ice with cranberries or flowers inside? How about ornaments made out of colored ice? When you create an ornament out of ice and add color and flowers or berries, it looks amazing in the winter sunlight.

This article at Architecture Art Design shares 27 different Chilly Ice Craft ideas. The pictures alone are outstanding. After each photograph there’s a link to additional information about that decoration.

Here are some of the Ice Craft ideas in this article:

  • Ice Sun Catcher
  • Hanging Ice Ornaments
  • Ice Cube Crafts for Kids
  • DIY Birdseed Ice Ornament
  • Ice Wreaths
  • Outdoor Ice Bunting
  • Christmas Ice Mobile
  • Lovesicles
  • Valentine’s Day Ice Wreath
  • Reindeer Ice Wreaths
  • And MORE!

Click on the 27 Chilly Ice Craft Ideas link below to see all 27 ice craft ideas.

27 Chilly Ice Craft Ideas


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