56 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Winter

Winter Hacks

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Winter can be a real challenge. The cold, snow, and lack of sunlight sometimes makes it hard to live life the way you want to. Don’t despair! In this post, Sarah shares 56 different hacks to help you survive and even enjoy winter! One nice thing is that she divides the hacks into larger categories.

Car Hacks
  • Homemade winter windshield washer fluid
  • A mixture to keep ice from forming on your windshield
  • How to protect side mirrors from ice
  • How to use Mother Nature to clean your car of snow
  • And more!
Home Heat & Energy Saving Hacks
  • Save energy by using an electric blanket to stay warm
  • Run ceiling fans ion low or reverse to push heat down into the room
  • How to save money with your thermostat
  • And More!
Health & Beauty Hacks
  • A shower strategy to avoid dry skin
  • How to avoid winter nose bleeds
  • How to reduce risk of winter cold sores
  • And More!
Winter Clothing
  • Simple way to waterproof your socks
  • A base layer recommendation
  • How to “de-pill” you winter sweaters
  • And More!
Miscellaneous Hacks
  • A trick to keep snow from sticking to your shovel
  • Homemade mixture to apply to walkways so they don’t refreeze
  • And More!

I would use quite a few of these hacks or tips. Click on the 56 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Winter link below to see all 56 hacks.

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56 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Winter

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