9 Kid-Focused Podcasts That You’ll Actually Enjoy

9 Kid Activities You'll Enjoy


There are all sorts of great podcasts out there for adults. It’s a great way to listen and learn while you’re working around the house, exercising, or just relaxing. But did you know that there are excellent podcasts for kids too?

In this post, Audrey shares 9 different podcasts, organized by age, that your kids might like. (She has a great tip on picking the right length for a podcast aimed at a child).

You’ll find:

3 Podcasts for Pre-Schoolers: These are G-rated stories and tales that your pre-schooler can listen to and enjoy.

4 Podcasts for Elementary School Kids: Science podcasts, TED talks for kids, Insights into daily life by other kids.

2 Podcasts for Middle School Kids: Podcast that explain how things work and a podcast with stories that are in episodes.

Click on the 9 Kid-Focused Podcasts That You’ll Actually Enjoy link below to see all of Audrey’s recommendations and podcast links.

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9 Kid-Focused Podcasts That You’ll Actually Enjoy

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