Healthy Treats for Halloween

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Healthy Treats for Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, store shelves are packed with all sorts of candy.  But an increasing number of people don’t like to hand out traditional, high-sugar, unhealthy candy.  In this article Amanda of Natural Living Mamma has collected a lot of ideas for healthy and safe Halloween treats.  Many of these are commercial products sold by smaller, online stores or brick and mortar stores.

  • One store has natural candy options.
  • Another company has a ton of great ideas for Halloween treats.
  • A third company sells healthy and tasty snacks that are free of high fructose corn syrup and harmful dyes.
  • Amanda also has a lot of ideas about non-food treats to hand out to kids.

To see all of Amanda’s healthy Halloween treat recommendations, visit at this link:

Healthy Treats for Halloween

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