Homemade Butterfly Feeder

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Homemade Butterfly Feeder


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 If you have butterflies in your garden, you know how beautiful they are.  They are also very relaxing to watch.  Bonnie of Ehow discusses how to attract butterflies to your garden or yard.

She explains the type of food that will attract butterflies.  One thing they like is over-ripe fruit.  So if you have fruit trees you can let some of the fruit drop to the ground and ferment.  Bonnie has other suggestions on getting fruity treats for the butterflies.  She shares a recipe for a simple nectar that will also attract butterflies.

There are several different examples of butterfly feeders in the article.  However, the one I like the best is pictured above.  It’s a large ceramic container filled with a layer of nectar.   There are stones placed at intervals for the butterflies to rest on.  It’s attractive and also easy to clean and fill with nectar. Very nice and informative post!

Homemade Butterfly Feeder

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  1. Lynne Miller says

    You also have to remember that what ever attracts Butterfly’s, will also attract Bees, I found this out the hard way, we hung a feeder with nectar in it, and the next day it was covered with bees. I am allergic to bee stings, so I think when you post something like this, you should warn people.

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