How Drinking Too Much Soda Can Affect Your Body

How Drinking Too Much Soda Can Affect Your Body

Everyone has probably heard the recommendation of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Many people assume they can substitute soda (or pop if that’s what you call it in your area) for the 8 glasses of water. This video explores the science behind what happens to your body when you drink a lot of soda daily.

It turns out that drinking a lot of soda van cause a lot of health issues including aging you in the same way that smoking cigarettes can age you.  Diet soda has its own set of problems.

The video is fast, informative and entertaining.  Click on the How Drinking Too Much Soda Can Affect Your Body link below to go to the LifeHacker site and learn more.  When you’re on the LifeHacker site, just click on the picture at the top to start the video. It’s really an eye opener.

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