How to get Superpowered Garden Soil

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How to get Superpowered Garden Soil

Is your garden soil normally rich, dark, and moist? If not, Danelle wants to help you to superpower your soil so that you’ll have the best garden ever this year.

First she provides a simple test to help you find out if your soil is sand, silt or clay. She explains what each soil type means to your success as a gardener.

Then she explains what you have to do to turn clay soil into superpowered soil. If you have sandy soil, she explains how to superpower that too. Finally, if you have silty soil, you’re close to having ideal garden soil. DaNelle offers one tip to make silty soil even better.

DaNelle also shares:

  • Newbie Gardening Mistakes to Avoid
  • Lasagna Gardening (Probably not what you think it is)
  • An important watering tip.

This is an excellent article. Click on the How to get Superpowered Garden Soil link below to read DaNelle’s complete article.

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How to get Superpowered Garden Soil

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