How To Make A Stone Birdhouse


How To Make A Stone Birdhouse

I love birdhouses and stone birdhouses are the best!  This is a GREAT article by Melissa of the Empress of Dirt Website on how to build a decorative stone birdhouse that you can keep in the garden all year long.  Melissa first discusses the difference between a birdhouse and a nesting box.  She has a great link with guidelines for making a nesting box.

Then she discusses all of the elements of building the stone birdhouse:

  • What to use for the frame
  • Where to buy the frame
  • How to treat the wooden frame so it lasts for years
  • What kind of stones work best
  • Where to buy stones (If you don’t have any for free where you live)
  • What glue to use
  • Options for the roof
  • How to close off the doors and windows to protect the birds
  • How to spray and protect the final birdhouse
  • Complete instructions on how to build the stone birdhouse

To see the plans for building a FANTASTIC stone birdhouse, visit here at the following link…..

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How To Make A Stone Birdhouse


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