Please Help PERRY COLE, the Great Dane

Perry Cole

Perry Cole


That beautiful dog up above is Perry Cole the Great Dane. He’s one of the sweetest dogs on the planet. He’s 5 years old and was born at Service Dog Project in Massachusetts. They train Great Danes to be service dogs for ex-military servicemen and for children and adults with chronic illnesses that affect their balance. If a dog doesn’t have all the qualities they look for in a service dog, they allow a loving family to adopt him. That’s what happened to Perry and he was welcomed by the Cole family in Massachusetts.

A few weeks ago, Perry lost his appetite and had other symptoms. His family brought him to their vet where he was hospitalized a few times. Then he went to a specialist and was hospitalized there for a few days. At one point he only had a 50% – 50% chance of making it. Things were grim. He had a feeding tube put in and went through a lot of tests, including scoping. They’re still waiting for the results.  Some possibilities: gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, IBD.

Update:  Perry was able to go home and has found his appetite again!  But then he developed a pneumorthorax, which is a hole in the lung. The vets don’t know why and want to do a CAT Scan which costs $2000.

The cost for all of his veterinary bills is currently at $25,000.  The family is doing everything they can to come up with any money they can. But they need help.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING $5 or $10 or whatever you can to Perry’s GoFundMe.

His family, friends, all the people who love him and I would be very grateful.

Click the link below to help Perry Cole.



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