The Top 10 Easy-Peasy DIY Tips and Tricks of 2013

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top 10 easy peasy

Courtenay of the Creekline House website shares the top 10 DIY tips and tricks that appeared on her site ( in 2013. Some of these tips and tricks are really neat. Here are just a few of the tricks you’ll learn in this article:

  • A trick you can use and your bathroom mirror will never fog up again
  • A magical weed killing potion
  • How to remove labels and glue residue from your jars
  • How to Peel an Entire Head of Garlic in Just Seconds (This one really is amazing and there’s a video)!

Click on the  Top 10 Easy-Peasy DIY Tips and Tricks of 2013 link below to read Courtenay’s excellent article.

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The Top 10 Easy-Peasy DIY Tips and Tricks of 2013

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