Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Mod Podge

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Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Mod Podge


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Commercial Mod Podge is a milky white liquid that dries transparent in less than 10 minutes. It comes in a variety of finishes.   It’s used as a finish for découpage. It seals and glues in one application.

If you look around the internet there are a number of DIY recipes for Mod Podge.  This is a common recipe:

8 ounces of washable white glue like Elmer’s
1 16-ounce clean container with lid
4 ounces of water (1/2 the amount of water as glue)

Pour the glue into the container.  Add the water and seal the container with the lid.  Shake well.  This makes a matte finish.   For a glossy finish add 2 tablespoons of water-based varnish.

Amy of Mod Podge Rocks makes the case that DIY Mod Podge is inferior to the commercial product, and results in yellowing, flaking and peeling projects when used.  Amy explains why she feels commercial Mod Podge is superior.  She also explains why a diluted glue mixture is the worst thing to use as a découpage medium.

It’s a very  interesting article. Do you make your own Mod Podge?

Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Mod Podge

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